Kashmir Carpets are originally hand knotted carpets which are primarily oriental, floral styles and comes in variety of sizes, colors and quality. It is said that a Kashmiri named Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin was very much attracted by the Persian Carpet Weavers and then he brought the craftsman from Persia and Central Asia to Kashmir to train local inhabitants and since then the Handmade Kashmiri Carpet Industry began to evolve. Kashmir Carpets comes in range from 200 knots to 900 knots/sq. inch weaved with both Рwool and silk yarn. Kashmiri Carpets are weaved between two horizontal beam and rest of the stitching is done inside these beams which may either be floral or different types of knots popularly known as Farsi baff and are knotted with very simple tools like wood or a metal comb to give them unique designs. Popularly labelled Kirman, Tabriz and Isfahan, Meshed and Bokhara Carpets which are appreciated for their unmatched artistry designs are origination of Kashmir Carpets only. At CarpetThailand.com you will find below the most premium range of Kashmir Carpets handpicked by us to deliver you the best carpet available in the market.

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