Turkmenistan Carpets

Turkmenistan carpets and rugs:-

Handmade Turkmen rug has origins in parts of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, East Turkistan), and the most famous cities in Turkmenistan that are hubs of producing these carpets are Ashkabad, Bakharden, and Gueok-Tepe.

Turkmenistan carpets are known for their fine quality, vivid colours, and gorgeous geometric and floral designs. The presence of colour dark red, made traditionally from native herbs, along with indigo, black and white, are the critical colour components of the rug designs. The unique designs tell which tribe has made the carpet or which region it has come from. The older rugs typically tend to have more knots per square inch, which highlights their fine quality. Since the carpets have tribal nature, they come in small to mid-range sizes.

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Handmade Turkmenistan Carpet

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