Afghan Carpets as the name suggest are originated from Afghanistan Country. Despite being a war affected country since years Afghanistan textile industry is still managing to produce the Afghan Carpets and rugs which are very popular as well all around the globe. The Handmade Afghan Carpets and Rugs are mainly woven by Turkmen craftsmen residing in Afghanistan, peoples originating from some parts of Uzbekistan and the Afghan refugees who are now in Pakistan. These groups of peoples are also categorized as Kirghiz, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Arabs, and Baluchi so as to label the carpets on the name of their group accordingly. Afghan Rugs and Carpets are mostly rectangular in shape, red in color and an octagonal shape is a must include in every Handmade Afghan Carpet which is mostly referred to as Gul (Persian Word – “flower”). At we are showcasing you the original Afghan Rugs directly being produced by the Afghani Peoples and delivering you’re the originality of Afghan Carpets and Rugs at your doorstep once you place your order with us.

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