Learn about the buyer protection plans available from Carpet ThailandAll cards facilitate purchases. A few even protect them.Card companies that offer buyer protection programs act as your advocate when something you purchased on the card is damaged, unable to be returned, or simply doesn’t perform as it should. American Express offers cardholders several options for credit card payment protection as well as options for insurance and discounts depending on what card you choose. Learn more about buyer protection plans below.Credit card protection plansThere are three basic kinds of buyer protection plans. Not all cards offer the same level of credit card protection, so it’s wise to compare benefits to choose the card with the right plan for you. Check the card’s terms and conditions to discover the specifics of its buyer protection program.

Protection for Purchases: Covers merchandise that has been accidentally damaged or stolen. Credit card purchase protection typically lasts for a limited number of days from the date of purchase, and there may be a minimum amount requirement to qualify for a refund.Warranty Extension: Extends the terms of an original manufacturer’s warranty – typically up to an additional year – for products purchased with a credit card, such as electronics. Be sure to fill out and mail the manufacturer’s warranty card as soon as you can. If you haven’t registered your product, you may not be able to receive warranty protection.Return Extension: If a cardholder tries to return an item (typically within 90 days) and the merchant won’t take it back, the card issuer will refund the purchase price. There are often limits on how much may be refunded per item and how many refunds may be applied for per year.