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The Source and Concept Behind Pakistan Carpets

At first covers were utilized in southern focal Asia and were an image of Muslim’s custom. As the time passed, they got celebrated all through the world and incredible progressions were made in the floor coverings industry. It advanced from hand made to the machine made floor coverings. The premier rugs were hand made. They […]

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The Handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand

History of Anatolian Turkish Rugs The Anatolian Turkish rugs are becoming very famous in the world of carpets and it is becoming difficult to track the reliable sources that are related to the Turkish carpets. Earlier, the carpets were produced through the creation of knots that were compiled together in the carpet to give a […]

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Handmade Turkmenistan Carpets in Thailand

The Turkmenistan carpets remind of the history of the carpets that is related to the handmade carpets. Turkmenistan is famous for its carpets that are regarded as the oldest and purest carpet traditions of Central Asia. The handmade Turkmenistan carpet in Thailand is designed with colorful geometric floral designs that are famous for its fine […]

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Handmade Village Carpet in Bangkok Thailand

The handmade village carpet in Bangkok Thailand is identified as the natural beauty for the customers which acts as a site of attraction from the mid of the sixteenth century. The homemade village carpet in Bangkok Thailand is famous for its fine designs and the great demand among the customers in the market. There are […]

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