handmade oriental carpets oriental carpets

Long Lasting tradition still continues with handmade oriental carpets

Long Lasting tradition still continues with handmade oriental carpets Oriental carpets can add colourful essence to any room you wish to decorate. Their versatile patterns and texture go with a number of furnishing and décor. They bring in elegant touch to all contemporary room décor as well as classic décor. Handmade oriental carpets are made using materials like cotton, wool, silk etc.Modern technology has introduced many ways to make different designs and give special effects by using machines, but nothing can challenge the natural craft of a carpet woven by…

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handmade modern carpets modern carpets

Feel the real grace with handmade Modern carpets

Feel the real grace with handmade Modern carpets Handmade carpets have always added to the décor of any house where they are used for flooring. Handmade modern carpets are crafted using different types of materials and are available in different textures, sizes and shapes. They are elegant as well as help keep your flooring warm, give soft sensation to your feet.When handmade modern carpets started evolving in the market, people found them really attractive and elegant. You can find lustrous pieces of hand-knotted carpets made from silk, wool or combination…

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afghan carpets handmade afghan carpets HANDMADE MOROCCAN CARPETS moroccan carpets

Unique ways to brighten up your home décor with Handmade Rugs

Unique ways to brighten up your home décor with Handmade Rugs When you think of adding ethnicity to your home décor, you think of using ethnic furniture, furnishings and rugs, especially handmade rugs. For last few years people are adopting the ethnic style to decorate their homes. With the popularity and demand of tribal art is becoming a trend in different places across the globe. One of the most popular styles is Moroccan, especially in carpet and rug industry.   When it comes to handmade Moroccan Carpets, they depict art…

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handmade pakistan carpets handmade turkmenistan carpets pakistan carpets turkmenistan carpets

The Art of carpet making straight from the families of handmade carpets

The Art of carpet making straight from the families of handmade carpets Carpet weaving is the most popular and ancient from of Turkmen art. Earlier each woman learnt this traditional art right from their young age. The beauty and longevity of handmade Turkmenistan carpets actually come from the tradition of carpet weaving that is being carried forward since ages. Now it has reached its expressiveness, perfection and artistic approach all over the world.The craft has gelled with many centuries and maintained the tradition really well. Pile carpet weaving is not…

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Turning your Imaginations into customized and elegant carpet creations 

When it comes to buying carpet for your home décor, you want the best as carpets cannot be replaced very often. You are actually living the carpet design in your house when you choose a carpet for your house. Selecting the right manufacturer who can offer a wide range of collection to choose from is an important aspect in carpet selection.Design Concept and Efficient ServiceWhen carpets are discussed, no one can forget carpets in Thailand as they depict the real craft, durability, elegant patterns and designs. When you shop around…

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handmade afghan carpets HANDMADE MOROCCAN CARPETS handmade persian carpets handmade turkish carpets handmade turkmenistan carpets modern carpets

A smart move to choose the elegant carpet

A smart move to choose the elegant carpet If you are shopping around for a new carpet, it is always better to do a little bit of research to know the different types of carpets available in the market and the one that suits you the best. Buying a new carpet is a considerable investment and by knowing about the array of carpet types, you can choose the right one and get the best value for the money invested. Enhancing the décor through Handmade Carpets Handmade carpets contribute a lot…

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Carpet in Thailand Carpet Repairing

An Overview of Afghan, Persian, Turkish and Village carpets

Ethnic beauty and charisma of any place is flourished by natural and ancient blend where modernization is an add-on to the heritage. Different types of carpets in Thailand are blended with the ethnic and contemporary designs categorized into several forms. From Afghan Carpets to Persian, Turkish and Village Carpets, Carpets Thailand has ample of carpets belonging to different origins. Where Kashmir Carpets embraces the delightful beauty, on the other hand, the Antique carpets are must to have to embrace the ethnic art. Carpets and rugs are not only the requirements…

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Carpet Repairing carpet repairing service

How to repair carpet or fix repairing carpets-Carpetthailand

1. Carpet Repairing Service Provider Carpet Repairing service Authentic and delicate carpets are beautiful to enhance the home interiors and replicating the astute of the home maker. Owning the expensive carpets also brings the charisma to maintain them with the aesthetic beauty they hold. On the other hand, the manufacturers or the carpet dealers should also be indulgent about the knowhow of carpets knitting and knotting and origin of the carpets so that in case of repairing requirements, they are proficient to bring back the original look and feel. Whether…

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Carpet in Thailand

Top Quality Carpets and Rugs in Thailand

If you are looking to enhance your home interior with a fresh feel, without making more of the changes, Carpets and rugs is the right solution to do so. Carpets not only enhance the ambience but also give the positive vibes of the family members as well as the soothing comfortable interior gives a warm welcome to the visiting guests. Highly mesmerizing beauty of the Carpets in Thailand is its authenticity which lets the people express their value for the land and etiquettes they carry.Carpets Manufacturing in Thailand is significant…

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Handmade Moroccan Carpets

Hand-made or Machine-made! Floor coverings are generally made in either technique. Most normal Carpet fabricating practice is apparatus woven system. Against the expanding request, the hand woven floor coverings are infrequently found in any culture with exquisite outlines and examples. Handmade Moroccan Carpets in Thailand are effective in giving the Handmade and Machinery sewed floor coverings showing the uniqueness and assortment in both the structures. System of emblazoning the appropriate plans and examples in outright innovation is accentuated by the specialists in Carpet fabricating, which guarantees the excellence and adornment…

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