handmade oriental carpets oriental carpets

Long Lasting tradition still continues with handmade oriental carpets

Long Lasting tradition still continues with handmade oriental carpets

Oriental carpets can add colourful essence to any room you wish to decorate. Their versatile patterns and texture go with a number of furnishing and décor. They bring in elegant touch to all contemporary room décor as well as classic décor. Handmade oriental carpets are made using materials like cotton, wool, silk etc.Modern technology has introduced many ways to make different designs and give special effects by using machines, but nothing can challenge the natural craft of a carpet woven by hand. The extraordinary quality of handmade oriental carpets crafted by craftsmen gives back the value for your investment.

handmade oriental carpets
handmade oriental carpets

The handmade oriental carpets reflect the age long tradition that is derived from history of different religious ethics and cultures. The art of carpet making is an age old tradition which originated from nomadic lifestyles, who might have woven their first carpet as tents or floor coverings to shield themselves from chilling cold in winters.

Middle East countries excel in carpet making

Authentic handmade oriental carpets originate in Middle East countries. If you buy an oriental hand woven carpet and take proper care of your carpet, it can even lasts for almost 100s of years. The art of carpet making has seen a lot of ups and downs. The art saw a decline for many centuries and then came back again into momentum. As nomadic people started weaving the carpets first, their art was recognized many years later. Many different regions later learnt the carpet making skill and Turkish too learnt the skill from Central Asia.

Truly incredible features of oriental carpets

If you are more concerned about providing tone and warmth to your room, especially your bedroom, then you can think about choosing the handmade oriental carpets to spread on the floor or use it on the wall. If you are planning to use carpet for a centrepiece then without thinking much, you can choose oriental carpet as it need no high tech ideas to decorate.The oriental carpets are associates with both machine made and handmade carpets. Nowadays, people prefer these carpet the most. Interior designers also suggest that you can use oriental carpets to bring in more light to your household. The real oriental carpet is available in different colours and designs which makes it easy to choose as per your needs and taste.If you are planning to buy handmade oriental carpets especially for your bedroom, then consider buying the carpet that is made from 100% wool.  Some of the oriental carpets are made to cover a square space while some are meant to cover a large rectangular space.

Simple yet elegant designs

The beauty of oriental carpets is hidden in its symmetry and blend of vibrant colours that never fade with time and use. You will get to see angular and geometric patterns including rectilinear designs.In Tukoman carpets you will see repetitive designs. It is really impossible to list the designs that are available in oriental carpets as they are countless.

When to clean your oriental Carpet?

Generally, oriental carpet cleaning should be carried out at least once in a year. In case the carpet is used in conditions of high traffic then clean it once in 6 months. To find out if your carpet needs to be cleaned, try rubbing your hand on the carpet for at least 10 seconds. If you notice a lot of dust coming up, then definitely your carpet needs cleaning.  Dust accumulation can also cause breathing problems. If you do not clean the stains in time they can also result in further damage of your carpet.High quality handmade oriental carpets need professional cleaning to last longer. The chemicals and cleaning solutions are not advisable to use to clean these carpets as they can damage the natural fibres of the carpet.Most companies that sell also offer carpet cleaning services with the purchase of these carpets. A professional carpet cleaning service provider always check in case the carpet has undergone any damage as cleaning can make it worst. Under the professional carpet cleaning process the dust is eliminated completely and then the carpet is washed properly and dried up in a dust free atmosphere.