Washing carpets with hands

Generally, by looking at the health of the carpet, we can gauge whether the carpet requires a wash or not. Well, it is the case when the dirtiness and staining of the carpet are visible, but sometimes, dirt hides somewhere deep down in the threads. When the carpet conceals the dirt like this way, it is not only holding just the dust, grime or soil particles back but also becomes a home to very harmful bacteria. These unseen bacteria can bring in particular kind of allergies or other serious health problem. Furthermore, over a period, the carpet starts releasing unpleasant odours and deteriorates the indoor air quality. According to carpetthailand, it is always advisable not to let your carpet get into this type of health. Maintain a log of washing of your carpet and stay proactive about its washing schedule.

Why washing carpets with hands?

It is hard for even the most sophisticated vacuum cleaner to get the dirt out that is buried and discernible. Hand washing is the only way to let its threads breathe a breeze of fresh air. Washing the carpet with hands can let the carpet washer spot, focus and put in extra efforts on the critical areas to drag the deeply settled dust out. Undoubtedly, carpet washing with hands comes with a price, but it guarantees no damage to your carpet. On the other hand, carpet washing with heavy machines and tools loosens the knots of threads and hence its life. Furthermore, washing carpets with hands can allow using herbal cleaning methods and in that the detergents used are made of herbal products. Not many carpet washers use this highly professional method, primarily for the reasons like, a little knowledge about making herbal goods or the kind time it consumes, but with herbal washing methods, you can guarantee that your carpet gains extra life besides remaining free from hidden dust that often lies within your carpet fibres.

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